Clockwork Republic was founded in 2020, out of a deep passion for watches. As watch enthusiasts, we understand the thrill of hunting for the perfect straps and swapping them for different styles and occasions. Years of experimenting with various straps led us to the discovery of integrated straps and we instantly fell in love with the seamless and clean look. However, our excitement was short-lived with the limited options available, as most were primarily catered for luxury watches with a hefty price tag in the hundreds of dollars. And if you're an avid watch collector like us, who enjoys switching straps and watches, you understand the downside of integrated strap and their limitation that only fits a specific watch. 

We knew that other enthusiasts shared our disappointment and frustration and that’s when we set out on a mission to make the best integrated straps that challenge the industry norm through boundless creativity and innovation. We’re passionate about helping you find the perfect strap for your watch without compromising quality and affordability.

Remember that feeling when you put on a new strap that perfectly complements your favorite watch? We’re here to guide you in that search and make your watch-collecting journey a joyful experience


Our End Link Rubber Strap features a unique steel end-link design attached to a pair of premium rubber straps, seamlessly integrated with the watch and creating a refined and modern look. Unlike most integrated straps, the End Link Rubber Strap has a unique pairing system that allows the strap to be paired with all of our End Links collection. This innovative system allows you to mix and match as you please, offering flexibility and versatility across your collection.

Our straps are made from FKM (aka fluoroelastomer), arguably the best rubber available. It’s soft and supple yet durable to withstand harsh environments. The combination of the steel end link and rubber strap offers the perfect balance of style, comfort, and durability.